Puka Nacua Has CRUSHED The NFL Record For Most Catches In First Two Career Games And I'm Claiming Full Ownership Of The PukAnon Movement

#PukAnon. The movement has begun. All hail. Who cares they lost the game? This is Los Angeles anyway. As long as we look good, it's all good. 25 catches in his first two career games stands above all else in NFL history and leads the league to this point in Week 2 usurping Justin Jefferson's touchdownless 20. 266 yards can't be wrong.

Safe to say Kelly Stafford was trolling when commenting that Matt was having trouble connecting with his younger receivers. This might be the start of something Pukaful. Hope you have other friends for brunch Cooper Kupp because Matt has moved on faster than Leonardo DiCaprio on his girlfriend's birthday.

You better believe I'll be scouring for Puka stats this week to spread the word. 

Who's house? Puka's House.


- Jeffro