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It Appears That The Bears Are Butt Once Again

Just absolutely defeating.

I'll say that word one thousand times if I could. Last week was anger for the dog shit effort. This week is just another harsh realization of "Fuck, we're going to have to do this for 15 more weeks."

I know alot of people outside of Chicago have a similar attitude in that we're the idiots for having crazy high expectations, but I really just expected them to be better. Not good, but better. Justin Fields in particular. Just a putrid display of Quarterbacking by #1 and it seems like today is the day where alot of people have thrown the towel in on him. I'm not there yet, but I'm officially starting to get worried and will be on pull the plug watch very soon because this really was a make or break year for him.

Having apathy starting to set in after Week fucking 2 absolutely blows and I hope to God they can find a way to right this ship and give us some semblance of meaningful football this year. It's a long year after all, but man does it look/feel like the same old bullshit once again.

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