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The Giants Are Full Of Losers Who Have No Heart And Are A Complete Embarrassment To The Sport Of Football

I don't care that it's halftime of week 2. This team is fucking awful and even worse they don't even have heart or balls. You get your ass kicked in week 1 at home and then show up and do the same shit against the Cardinals? THE CARDINALS! Nobody wants to make a play, at least one that benefits us. Instead it's Saquon dropping passes for picks and will probably bitch about how he's underpaid. Instead it's Daniel Jones refusing to hit any receiver in stride for a completion. Instead it's the offensive line being a problem for roughly the 10th year in a row. It's the defense getting truck sticked by that goddamn nerd Joshua Dobbs

Any one of these clowns with a big contract want to show some heart? How about one of these top picks? Literally anyone want to do something even a quarter of the way decent? Fuck all of this man. This isn't me just being dramatic, I've watched every snap of this shit show and it's clear as day. They don't have any balls, forget talent. They can't even be entertaining. They can't even do one thing right. Honestly at this point just cut everyone at halftime. Find a Shane Falco somewhere at this point. 

WAKE THE FUCK UP AND DO SOMETHING. This is embarrassing as hell.