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The Lions Laid An Egg At Home Against The Seahawks As Geno Smith Lit it Up (AGAIN) Against Aaron Glenn's Defense

I’m just going to go here. I don’t have much else to add. I think that’s a horrific loss for the Lions. I absolutely fucking hate it. I think the team should be embarrassed. I think Aaron Glenn is a shitty defensive coordinator. This is the most Lions loss we’ve seen in a long time. All the momentum was on their side. You have the entire country rooting for you. You sold out ski masks on Amazon just so you could wear them to the game, and then Geno Smith ran it up your ass repeatedly.

I don’t want to hear excuses. I don’t want to hear about injuries. I don’t want to hear about officials. Enough of that shit. I thought things were supposed to be different. And maybe they still are. Maybe they will bounce back next week. But the truth is every single stereotype about Detroit Lions football came true today. Every time somebody tells you that they can’t buy into the Lions because they’re the Lions, it’s games like today that justify those takes. The team should be embarrassed.

I was very down on Aaron Glenn last year as a defensive coordinator. A big reason for that was because the Lions had the worst defense in football. It's not like I pulled that take out of my ass. But I did come to accept the fact of the roster on that side of the ball was untalented. The Lions have given them another shot. I just don't see it. Maybe there's something I'm missing, but I see a defense that makes zero adjustments, and even beyond that, they couldn't rush the fucking passer if their life depended on it. Geno Smith smoked an entire pack of cigarettes on some of these plays without feeling any pressure. That is an absolute failure on the Lions' part that they were allowing him time to survey the field every single goddamn flight. It's not like it snuck up on them. They played the Seahawks last year, and they did the same shit.

Of course, the sun will come up tomorrow. The Lions will have another game next week. The NFC North is not a great division. They are still in pretty good standing. But I hate that loss. I hate that loss with a burning fucking passion. There are no excuses. Good teams don't make excuses. Tighten the fucking screws next week, or piss off. If you want to create a hype train, you better be ready for other teams to derail that train. You're going to get everybody's best shot. You did today, and you shit the bed.