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Fans Doing The Wave In Big Moments Of a Game Will Almost Always Lead To Total Disaster

How it started.....vs how it ended up. 

Immediate Karma for doing the wave down in Houston, file that under things you love to see. Nothing I hate more than the wave in a ballpark. Sit your ass down and watch the game. "BUT IT'S FUN!", shut up dork. No it's not. You stand and sit down. What is fun about that? You paid to go to a baseball game now watch it. So when I saw the Astros fans doing the wave after going up 1 in the 8th I knew what had to happen. I knew the Orioles had to squish these cockroaches. And that is exactly what they did. Next inning in the 9th the Orioles staged a comeback, down 2 at this point. Cedric Mullins wanted to play hero one more time and launched a 3-run homer to put the Orioles on top. See what happens when you do the wave? Bad stuff happens to your team. Just hate that. 

It wasn't just me who noticed it. Astros fans took to twitter to express their frustrations with the wave. Bad things happen when you do the wave, especially if you are winning. Just cut it out all together, but I'm happy the Astros dumbo fans decided to mess with the baseball gods and pull out the wave when the Orioles needed it the most. When will people learn to just stop the wave? Maybe never, and I feel bad for them.