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The Atlanta Falcons Might Be Good

As I'm writing this blog, there are only four teams in the NFL with a 2-0 record. One of them is the Atlanta Falcons.

We had a fun little time last year with the entire NFC South battling for a playoff spot with records below .500, but it looks like Atlanta might be vying for the postseason this season just because it's a pretty solid football team. The Falcons are even the team coming from behind in the fourth quarter and flipping win probability graphs in their favor this season. We are in the Upside Down.

Now, Desmond Ridder isn't anything spectacular. I have my reservations as to how far he can lead a team that looks like it should be in the running to win 11 or 12 games, but he's been good enough so far. He just needs to be competent enough to get the ball into the hands of Bijan Robinson.

And speaking of Bijan, shoutout to Arthur Smith for putting his massive balls on the table and giving his rookie the ball on 4th and inches with 2:00 to go instead of kicking the field goal and giving the Packers the ball back with two timeouts.

I have always said it's a great investment to draft a running back in the top 10. 

The Falcons didn't even play particularly well today — threw a pick, missed an extra point, kicked a field goal after having 1st and goal from the 2-yard line and had another touchdown controversially overturned — and still found a way to beat a good team. If these guys clean up a couple things, this could be the surprise team in the NFL this season.

Rise Up.