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It's Time For Bears Fans To Give Up On Justin Fields

It is officially time to give up on him. There are so many instances of him taking bad sacks, missing wide open WRs, or electing to to run when there's nowhere to go. I am not even making fun of all of you Bears fans, it is just the worst place to be as a team. You are in purgatory because Fields is just not the guy. 

People were betting this guy to be the MVP!

That is the worst play I have ever seen. He has two guys wide open and he just ran into the entire Buccaneers defense for a sack. You can't make excuses for a guy like that because he is losing you the game when he plays like this. 

Listen I understand what its like to be in a situation where your quarterback is just mid and never going to make you good. When you completely give up on him you can enjoy your Sundays more because when you don't you have hope and that can kill a man. The Bears had the worst record in the entire league last year for a reason. It isn't because the O-line, It isn't because of the weapons, it is because of the QB. Time to just admit it Bears fans, he stinks. You will feel a lot better.