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This Video Of Cowboys Fans Storming AT&T Stadium The Moment The Doors Open Is Hell On Earth

Fuck this. I can't think of a worse spot to be than in the middle of this. First off, you're surrounded by Cowboys fans. No thank you. I don't need to hear how LeBron is going to turn it around this year or how Aaron Judge is going to break the Barry Bonds home run record. Take that cliche out of it and there's just far too many people running. You know how you get into a stadium? You walk up to the line, wait to go through the extremely efficient and safe security check before taking a piss, getting a beer and going to your assigned seat. 

I know AT&T does that standing room only and I'm going to assume these are those people. They shouldn't get the right to run. You pay for standing room only and it should be outsmarting people without running. You gotta position yourself correctly, time it all up. Make it like The Amazing Race or something like that. You get to do all that without the possibility of a pulled hamstring and you can stand there for 3 hours watching the Cowboys give you hope. 

There's just no reason to do this. I don't care about standing room only. I don't care if you love the Cowboys. All that running, sweating and potential injuries just to see a quick glimpse of a play before fisticuffs are going on around you? No thank you. My recliner is just fine, thank you very much.