Dumping Them Out: Deion Sanders Hype Train is Out of Control

Welcome back to another episode of your favorite Sunday programming, Dumping Them Out.

What an incredible Saturday for the Colorado Buffaloes, and in turn all of America. From sea to shining sea fans of sport were glued to their televisions for a college football game between a decent team and a terrible team. Celebrities from across the country traveled to Boulder, Colorado to witness Deion Sanders wear sunglasses and coach football in person. They struggled for a while, putting those who have never watched a Colorado Buffaloes game in their life until 2023 on suicide watch. Luckily they were able overcome Colorado State Penitentiary (get it because they were playing dirty), and the Deion Sanders hype train can roll on for another week.

I make fun of the whole thing but I'm also 150% invested in Colorado football this season. I was unironically nervous as shit that entire game. I wanted them to win so bad. I was furious at the Colorado State player who took the cheap shot on Travis Hunter that sent him to the hospital. The whole 9 yards. Fully in. 

How dare you cheap shot my favorite and best player in the history of American football Travis Hunter. How absolutely dare you sir. No place for that in a game of football against a team that I want to win. Unacceptable. Thankfully, WE got OUR revenge on the final drive of regulation when the player that took Hunter out got cooked for a TD. 

In all seriousness, 11 on Colorado State is lucky he got burnt at the end of the game like that, and he's probably better off that they lost. I couldn't help but look up the guys social media. The dude's name is Henry Blackburn, and he has a Twitter account. The replies on his pinned tweet are something else. Very threatening. Very much calling him racist. Very much Hitler memes for some reason. But since he got beat at the end, the crazy ass Colorado fans in his mentions feel like they got some revenge. So mixed in with the replies are videos of him getting burned, which is definitely preferable to what was going on in the replies during the game. If Colorado State would have won, it would be SO much worse. I don't really want to post that stuff here but they're not hard to find. As of now he's not private, which I guess is admirable on some level, because he's taking a beating. I can only imagine what's going on in his DM's.

Another thing about Colorado State. Them not going for 2 after the first OT is an all-time cowardly move. Everything about Colorado State's coach screams that he's a guy who goes for 2 in that situation. The 2nd half could not have gone worse for them. How would they want to play to play more football? Just run that fucking short crossing route that literally worked 100% of the time and you win the game. Truly a pathetic coaching decision. 

The Colorado hype is seriously out of control at this point. I'm fully swept up in it myself. But when you have Lil' Wayne rapping live as he walks a team of college students out of the tunnel, that's insane. I can't imagine the pressure on these kids when a bunch of the coolest celebrities are on your sideline. People forget that Colorado is just not that good. They're not at all bad, but there's never been a team of this talent level with this amount of hype in any sport ever. Not that I can think of. 


Soon another team is going to just hire the coolest coach they can think of. Someone who knows a bunch of celebrities. Someone like San Diego State is going to give Randy Moss a fat check. In one recruiting season Randy Moss will visit as many homes as he possibly can and every player he speaks to will transfer to San Diego State because he's Randy Fucking Moss and they want to be a part of something exactly like what Colorado has going on. It doesn't even matter if Moss can coach. He'll hire coordinators to do that shit. Another school is 100% going to try and go the Deion Sanders route. Who knows if it'll work the same way or not, but someone is definitely going to try it.

One more thing I'm going to call right now. I'll call it a "bold prediction". There will be at least one University of Colorado student who gets in trouble for going as blackface Deion Sanders for Halloween this year. 

In other football news, Anthony Richardson is a career 2 for 2 in games suffering a concussion. I called before the season that if something happens to Anthony Richardson, Gardner Minshew is going to take over and the Colts fans are going to fall in love with him. It'll be the whole Minshew Mania thing all over again. Colts fans are going to come to the game in long wigs, headbands, and fake mustaches. Then that's going to put Anthony Richardson in a shitty spot. 

But luckily, I think Anthony Richardson played well enough in the little time he had that it won't happen like that. But if he would have been sucking, and Minshew took over and looked competent. It would have been a whole situation in Indianapolis. Minshew does have some swagger though. He's fun enough to watch at least.

One more thought I had today. If there were some sort of magical contacts you could give racist people, so that when they put them in everybody in the world looked like their preferred race, would that be a good thing or a bad thing for society? I think probably bad. But that would be quite the invention.