Shedeur Sanders Said He Went “[Tom] Brady Mode” On Colorado’s 98-Yard Game-Tying Drive

This is your Heisman front-runner right here, folks.

You need a “moment” when you win the Heisman, and I think we saw the early-season version of it tonight in Boulder, Colorado.

It was an ugly game for the Buffaloes at times, and it looked like the Colorado craziness was all about to come crashing down.

Then, with the ball on their own 2-yard line, and “too much time on the clock” as Sanders would go on to note, Deion’s son, quickly becoming the most popular college football player in the country, re-wrote the script.

You’d have thought at some points in the game that Sanders was having a below-average game, and we should pump the brakes on his Heisman campaign.

His final stats?

38-of-47 for 348 yards and 4 TD’s.

Lmao, okay, nevermind. Foot on the gas, not the brake.

Also worth noting that he was without the electrifying Travis Hunter for most of the game, after he had to leave for the hospital following a cheap shot from Colorado State.

Honestly, I’m becoming more interested in his NFL Draft stock than the Heisman race at this point.

How quickly will he shoot to the top of the draft boards? Will he challenge Caleb Williams? Maybe not, but also, at this point, I’m not ruling anything out with Colorado.

I wasn’t a huge believer in the Colorado hype entering the season. I’ve been proved to be grossly wrong, clearly. But even if the Buffaloes falter, I don’t think Shedeur Sanders’ stock is going to do anything but go up.

He’s a fucking gamer.

Just look at these moments…


If you can go “Brady Mode,” you have an infinite ceiling.