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The Storming The Field Police Are In Full Force Right Now After Colorado Students Had A Little Bit Of Fun After Tonight's Win


I'm not going to post the replies from people who are anti-storming the field, but you can click the Tweet and read all the people saying that since Colorado was a favorite, the fans are "embarrassing" or whatever. Ok I'll post one, and it's not to single Jack out, but it's more because I'd rather post an example of someone who works at Barstool instead of a random fella on Twitter.



I just adamantly disagree with this line of thinking. Students don't care about the spread. It was a barn burner of a game, they got to see their super-hyped team win in double OT, let the kids rush the field and celebrate! You get 4 (maybe 5....maybe 6) years in college and should have as much fun as possible. The storming the field police gatekeeping when students are allowed to have a little fun based on the SPREAD? Gettttouttttta here. I loved this guy's response to saying you shouldn't rush because of the spread:



People just love to be angry about arbitrary rules. We are really trying to say not to rush the field after a big rivalry win after a week of shit talk? After Colorado won ONE game last year? The dump in your pants has to be the size of your mom if you truly are sitting there shouting about kids jumping around on the 50 yard line at 11:30pm local time, 2:30 EST after a really sick win. You are an unserious person if that legitimately effects you. Do yoga or something. Find the lord. 

One person replied and said storming the field should be saved for the "biggest moments". Dude…this is Colorado Football. They haven't had a big moment since Kordell Stewart. 

If you're paying $30k a year to go to Colorado, do drugs, go skiing, storm the field. #SkoBuffs

That should be a t-shirt.