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From The Depths Of Hell, Deion & Colorado Come Back To Avoid The Upset In Double OT Game Of The Year


It looked like the Colorado hype train was going to derail... down 11 points in the fourth quarter... it was over...

BUT NOPE. The hype train might actually be steaming ahead even faster. Who cares if they were -23 point favorites? INSANE.

It all started with this earlier in the week…

...and ended like this...

NOTE: The handshake wasn't that exciting, the two were cordial and moved on

To say the hype train for Colorado was at an all-time high today, and that this rivalry game had a zillion storylines would be a gross understatement. The Rock was on set for College Gameday (which was sharing the spotlight with FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff), along with the hoard of other celebrities in Boulder to watch Deion’s rising squad.

Lil Wayne performed before the game and walked the team out…


Offset was doing mid-game interviews on the sidelines, all while skirmishes broke out following fumbles.


Deion joked about what the postgame handshake would be like 10 hours before the game started.

He even gave out his signature sunglasses, which have been selling by the truckload the last few weeks. 

The hype train was rolling. With a rivalry this big, and as much media hype as Colorado is getting, the tension was there before the game, with everyone wondering why Colorado State was pushing the Buffaloes’ buttons.

Deion’s son Shilo had an electrifying Pick-6 early in the game.


But Colorado State hung tight and kept it close.

I’d also be doing a disservice to not mention this absurd cheap shot from the Rams that knocked Colorado’s two-way star Travis Hunter out of the game.

Complete bullshit. Hopefully one of college football's most electric players is okay and recovering.

Regardless, you still figured Colorado would eventually fire out of a cannon and win the game.


The Rams kept hitting back, they responded to the Sanders Pick-6 with a huge, quick touchdown drive.

Followed it up with a Scoop & Score.

They taunted the Sanders family after a touchdown to take the lead back.


Just an insane game. Trading blocked field goals. Turnovers. A shit load of penalties.

Colorado chose to cut it 21-17 with a field goal from the 2-yard line after they could not punch it into the end zone.

Then, a shocking touchdown as the Rams went up by two possessions.

What a catch.


Here comes Colorado. The Buffaloes would tack on a field, get the ball back, and tie it up on a 2-point conversion after an insane 98-yard drive led by Shedeur Sanders with under a minute to go.

The kid is a fucking GAMER. No questions asked.

Yes, the game rolled on. Shedeur Sanders and Colorado won the toss, elected to play offense, and struck quickly, thanks to a few bad Colorado State penalties.

HOWEVER, GAME OF THE YEAR, FOLKS. Colorado State immediately answered back.


Next OT? SHEDEUR! Right after a holding penalty, too.

The 2-point conversion was impressive as hell, too.

The kid is just really fucking good, there's no other way to describe him.

Colorado State thought they scored to respond, but were hit with an illegal blindside block penalty, pushing them back 15 yards


…and into the losing scenario as you saw above.

You have to tip your hat to Colorado State. Everyone, including me, assumed they'd lose by 1,000 points. They went into a fucking beast, talked a lot of shit, and didn't back down at any point. I think Norvell not going for the 2-point conversion in the first OT will come back to haunt him. You can't pass up a chance to win the game and give Colorado the ball back.

But it is clear that this Colorado team is special.

So what, they had a tough test in a rivalry game as heavy favorites. Alabama almost blew it against South Florida at home today, Texas struggled with Wyoming. That type of shit happens in college football.

They won, that's all that matters… and the hype train keeps on rollin' as they get ready to tussle with Bo Nix and Oregon next week in their biggest test yet.

What a game.

What a sport.

Based on how many people were following along live on Twitter past midnight, right now, it's one owned by Deion Sanders, too.


OPINION SECTION: I don't care if they were -23 point favorites, let the kids storm the field and have fun. Is it dumb? Yes. Is it college? Yes.

I went to college, that's math (a subject I skipped and did a horrible job in quite frequently), that balances out.