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Michael Penix Solidified Himself As A Heisman Frontrunner With A Ridiculous Performance Yesterday Against Michigan State

It's been a pretty rough week for the Michigan State football program and its fans. I feel more sorry for the fans. They didn't do anything wrong. They have been swept up in this tragic tale of a coach's idiocy. I'm not going to go much deeper about the Mel Tucker saga. People at Barstool who are much smarter than me. You have covered that. Big T wrote a piece about it a week ago, but regardless of what side of the aisle you fall under, It's safe to say that it's thrown the entire program for a loop. That said, I wondered if Michigan State would come out somewhat inspired against Washington. They were celebrating the ten year anniversary of the 2013 team that won the Rose Bowl. Had the playoff been around back then, they would've had a chance to win the entire thing. I thought they at least put up a fight. Yeah, they didn't.

As a Michigan fan, I think many people expect me to come on here and bash the shit out of Michigan State. I won't do that until Michigan and Michigan State square off against each other. I've gotten burned in the past. I don't care if Michigan State hasn't won a game all season. That game on the schedule scares me every year. It'd be easy to rip Michigan State's performance. Many people already have, but in this particular instance, I think Washington is just fucking good. I mean, not just good, they are seriously legit. Michael Penix is an early contender for the Heisman Trophy. I know he had a great year last year when Washington went 11–2, but he's picked up right where he left off. I remember liking him when he was at Indiana, but I do not recall him being this accurate with the football.

I remember Michigan played Washington two years ago. The Barstool College football show was there, and Washington looked like a complete dead fish of a team. Kalen DeBoer has done a fucking fantastic job building that program back to prominence. They've had their inconsistencies, but Washington is a legitimate program. People forget they went to the playoff with Chris Petersen not that long ago. 

I watched the first half of this game. Washington pulled their starters in the second when the game was clearly out of reach. It sounds crazy to say, but that 700 yards was deceiving. They could've gone for 1,000. No joke. It would've been reckless and stupid had they kept her foot on the gas, but they were moving the ball in ways I haven't seen teams move against the Power Five opponent in a long time. 

This Pac-12, which is sadly in its last year of existence, is loaded with some of the most talented quarterbacks in the country. We're going to get a documentary one day about this. Michael Penix and Caleb Williams might be generational talents. These West Coast teams tend to get buried sometimes, but they shouldn't. Watch out for the Huskies.