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White Sox Dave Said He Could Stop Me From Catching 5/10 Footballs On Him

Tom Hauck. Getty Images.

This is what White Sox Dave thinks of when he sees himself as a Cornerback. We had a spirited debate two weeks ago about his football acumen and he questioned my (documented) speed. 

I don't blame anyone for doubting that story. I am purely going off a stopwatch of an intern. But it was consistent and I did see other people run and it was nowhere close to my time. But that's neither here nor there. That was 15 years ago. I'm 37 years old now. I'm a solid 10+ lbs. heavier than I was at 22 and much, much, much less athletic. White Sox Dave is about 3-4 years younger than me and scrappy as the day is long, but this is purely a genetics thing. He's 5'7". I'm 6'3". Certainly I should be able to catch 5-6 balls on him if I had 10 chances. I should probably be like 7-8, but for some reason he set the line at 5/10.

So we made it happen last week. And boy was that timing terrible. As a new Chicagoland resident, I'm trying new things. New ways into the office, new restaurants etc. And last Tuesday night, I took my wife out on a date to Bob Chinn's Crab House. One of highest grossing restaurants in the country in little old Wheeling, Illinois. They fly fresh fish in daily and I got the swordfish. That was a mistake to say the least. That night I felt a bit under the weather after dinner. I texted Eddie that we may need to push the taping a day. I went to bed at 8:30pm CST and slept about 10.5 hours. I still didn't feel well in the morning and asked we move it officially. It seemed we were good as White Sox Dave responded he'd make whatever work.

About 90 minutes later I'm getting on the train and get a text from Eddie it needs to happen today. My stomach has been numb for hours and I didn't bring my gear, cleats, or contact lenses and I gotta run routes in sneakers against the guy with the biggest chip on his shoulder in the whole office?

Well if there was any doubting I was a company guy before, I hope that's gone. I went through with this challenge in what was basically a diarrhea game for me and the results were quite interesting. White Sox Dave also was fully aware I had no gear etc. and showed up in full cleats. He was cutting me zero slack. Do you think he locked me up? Check out the full video here: