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This Offset Interview With Him Yelling About A Fumble As A Scuffle Breaks Out Perfectly Sums Up The Pure Chaos Of Colorado/Colorado State

I can honestly say I don't remember a first quarter like this before. Shit, nothing sums it up better than this 30 second clip. Offset doing an interview, mid-interview turning into every single human being who has ever watched football with the FUMBLE yell. Most of us prefer BALL! BALL! but you get the point. Then of course the flags and scuffle. Every play has basically been followed with an unsportsmanlike or personal foul of some sort. These dudes HATE each other. 

As I write this we're finishing up the first quarter. You had Lil Wayne leading Colorado out of the tunnel: 

A Shilo Sanders pick 6: 

A double pass TD:

High stepping like Deion 

A dirty fucking hit on Travis Hunter


This is what a rivalry game should be though. You're supposed to hate each other. I mean, yeah, the dirty hits shouldn't be a thing. But it's supposed to be chippy. It's supposed to be dudes wanting to beat the hell out of each other. Add in the fact it's basically been all week starting with Norvell and Coach Prime and it's all amplified. I wanted to be mad that this game is late night, but it's honestly perfect.

It's perfect for this to be at 14-14 after 1 quarter with Offset doing interviews and yelling fumble. What a sport.