Dana Beers Just Absolutely CRUSHED The Half Time Field Goal At The Cincinnati Game

Dana Beers had a gimmick last year where he decided he was going to pick a team to root for in college basketball and college football after attending a college (shoutout ITT Tech) that didn’t have D1 athletics. He somehow made the (likely drunk) decision to land on The Cincinnati Bearcats. At first I was amazed at how  someone could land on Cincinnati of all places but after a little time it makes sense. Somehow it just works. He’s actually become somewhat of the biggest Cincinnati fan there is (sorry Nick Lachey) and the school had eaten up the content. 

Anyway. He’s at the game tonight and somehow worked his way onto the field to kick a field goal and…..

….by kick I use that term loosely because what a pathetic attempt it was. My God I don’t think the ball got off the ground more than 3 inches. A modern day Ray Finkle folks. What a mess. 

I guess he made up for it by doing push ups and trying to high five everyone in sight? Because somehow that fixes everything? You know what this whole fandom thing never really made sense and neither do videos like this but shoutout Dana Beers he’s out having fun and being a super fan of The Bearcats who am I to judge. Enjoy yourself buddy… but maybe learn how to kick especially on video and in stadiums.