There Is Already A Fight During The Pre Game Warmups Of Colorado Vs Colorado State, This Game Is Going To Be Awesome

You are living under a rock if you don't know what has been going on between these teams. People have been saying all week that it was so stupid for the Colorado State coach to say that stuff about Deion but they are just completely wrong. I wouldn't of gave a shit about this game if he didn't say that and Deion responding. I have never thought about Colorado State in my entire life but now I am, and the entire country has been talking about Colorado State all week.

This game is going to be so chippy and awesome, I can't wait. I love how personal this Colorado team takes things and every game they play is like its their last. It is a scary team because they go into every game thinking they have been disrespected and Deion gets them ready to run through a brick wall. I can't wait for the score to be 50-0 and Deion dramatically takes his hat off and his glasses off at the 50 yard line. Going to be an all time moment.

PS: Its crazy this game is at 10pm EST but it will be worth the wait.