Iowa Cheerleader Loses His Pants Mid-Flip In Front Of 75,000 People

Toughhhhhhh scene for that guy. Just a real tough scene. That right here is a nightmare that somehow burst its way into waking reality. That cheerleader thought he was gonna look cool as shit flippity flipping across the field and instead the worst possible thing happened. You ever get depantsed by one of your buddies in high school in front of a small group of people? Well take that feeling of shame and embarrassment and multiply it by about ten thousand.

A couple positives, though. One, he stuck the landing which is honestly a miracle. He either sticks that landing OR his brain forgets that he's mid-flip, his brain focuses solely on the fact that his pants just hit his ankles, he tears both his ACLs upon hitting the ground and a sold out Kinnick Stadium watches him writhe in pants-less pain. That somehow didn't happen and therefore he should be extremely grateful. Two, lighting-fast quickness on the post-pant-drop recovery. Guy had those pants up in less than a millisecond. Unfortunately he still has to face his fellow cheerleaders and then be informed of the fact that the entire internet saw it. Again, just a tough scene.

This was rude (while also accurate)