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Matt Campbell Can't Beat Ohio U In Football So He Did The Next Logical Thing ... Lost His Shit On An Iowa State Fan For Saying He's On The Hot Seat

Love this move from Matt Campbell, team guy through and through. Hey, you were once a hot name in the coaching rumors. You had Iowa State as a respectable program that we haven't seen since the days of Seneca Wallace. So instead of talking about losing 10-7 to Ohio U - shout out Athens and Junction Punches - everyone will now talk about you losing your goddamn mind on a fan. You don't tell Matt Campbell he's on the hot seat, he tells you he's on the hot seat damnit! 

I love this move too because what the hell is Matt Campbell going to do here? There's not a shot in hell he's throwing a punch. He's going to yell and probably scream go fuck yourself a lot, but the fan won this argument. It's not even an argument, an exchange is more accurate. He told Matt Campbell he's on the hot seat, which is factually correct. Matt Campbell proved his team can actually block someone and provided a little spark to 7 points which only wins you the CyHawk game typically. 

I have a lot of respect for this Iowa State fan. Who travels to Athens, Ohio to catch an Iowa State/Bobcats game? That's dedication. Instead of trying to lose your mind on the guy, bring him on staff. You need someone to flip everything going on there. You travel to see a 10-7 loss against a MAC team, you deserve the right to say anything you want to a head coach.