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Whoops! Shane Beamer Promises South Carolina 'Will Keep Kicking Georgia's Butt' ...Promptly Gets Outscored 21-0 While Looking Awful

Gotta credit to Shane Beamer here, he was right about an ass kicking. Any time you can go on radio and say you're going to keep on kicking Georgia's butt on the road before getting outscored 21-0, your QB throwing 2 picks and your team getting 5 total first downs, you gotta do it. 

This is Beamer though. He gets his guys to show up decently enough against top teams and has all this rah rah talk. Luckily, I see it as it is with him.

South Carolina is a mid-tier program and will always be just that. Beamer can say whatever he wants. He can get Darude to come play Sandstorm at a game this year, he can do all this talk, as long as everyone understands he's gonna do dumb shit and should rightfully catch stuff for it. 

Hey, you want to say you kicked Georgia's ass the first 30 minutes, go ahead. You were winning. But you gotta be smarter than saying you will for the second half. It becomes too easy to make fun of you when your team just stinks it up. I know, I know, Juice Wells got hurt, but Georgia is still winning that game. Ah such a shame though. Sure hate seeing that backfire.