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This Missed FG By Iowa State Has My Brain In A Pretzel

Am I missing something here? This 37-yard field goal attempt by the Iowa State kicker was ruled no good. Nobody seemed to have much of a reaction to it. The players just walked off the field without protest. Upon further review, this was as close as it gets. I'm not saying it's a guarantee, and the refs missed it, but the reaction seemed odd. 

Let's backtrack for a second. Remember when Iowa State football was supposed to be relevant? A few years ago, Matt Campbell was like the hot up-and-coming coach in college football. An entire subsection of people on social media wanted him to be Jim Harbaugh's replacement if he would've gotten fired after the Covid year. Now they're back to being well, Iowa State. Today was an all-time rough one, though. They lost to Ohio by a score of 10–7. That score is obviously very relevant because that three-point difference came down to this field goal. 

Back to the kick for a second. I'm not going to come on here with some boisterous opinion and claim that the official fucked it up because all the players walked off the field like they knew this was a missed field goal. Shouldn't you be able to review this? I've seen plays like this in the past. Indiana and Duke infamously had a bowl game that ended like this. This one was closer than that one was thought.

I have to give these announcers credit, though. They were on this shit right away. We have seen some instances where announcers did not know if field goals were good. There was a play several years back in which I think the announcers were watching the wrong game. 

Do you know what would be a great way to fix this? Longer goalposts. I can't be the first one who has proposed this idea. Kickers are better and stronger than they've ever been. With the benefit of longer goal posts, I am willing to venture that this kick probably wouldn't have been good, but you can't make any guarantees about where the ball is going to bounce. Did I just fix football? I might've just fixed football. You're welcome.