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Mizzou Should Be Kicked Out Of The SEC After Their Player Attempted One Of The Lamest, Most Pathetic Flops You'll Ever See

That's it. No one that's associated with football can ever make fun of soccer again. Not when there's visual evidence of this happening in the year of 2023. As egregious and pathetic of a flop you'll ever see. Even Ric Flair is jealous of this. 

Giphy Images.

I really wanted to applaud him for waiting to do the flop and working on a 5 second delay. But then I remembered that dork Eli Drinkwitz leading the team and it all makes sense. I'm not above saying Mizzou should be kicked out of the SEC for this. Send them back to the Big 12 where they actually belong. If you're going to flop in the SEC at least make it believable. We gotta be the best at something so people can chant SEC at bars and games. 

You know it's a lame flop and extremely unsuccessful when none of his teammates are worried about him or calling for a flag. You gotta sell it a little bit smarter my man. Can't be looking right at the ref and then drop like a can came flying at your head. You gotta do it quicker than that, but what else can you expect from a program like Mizzou. Sad, that's it.