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Wake Forest With As Disastrous Of A 1st & Goal Play As You'll Ever See

Holy shit, what a disaster.

The -13.5 favorite Deamon Deacons are currently going through HELL on the road at Old Dominion. Going from the doorstep of a tie-ball game, to down two possessions in a matter of seconds is... bad.

At first glance, I thought he threw the ball backward, but the QB avoided the worst play of the season by a hair.

With that said, this play still went about as poorly as humanly possible. Panic flushed out of a somewhat clean pocket, scrambling cross body into a sack, and a flail throw falling down as the back ricochets backward... and scooped up for an 80-yard touchdown.

Every now and then people will bring up the hypothetical scenario of an Average Joe trying to play QB in college or the NFL. This play is exactly how I imagine it would go in most scenarios. Panic scrambling into a defensive touchdown would be the result of 75-80% of all plays.

No offense to Wake Forest QB Mitch Griffis who has had a nice start to the season, but the Monarchs are ruining his fucking life today.