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UTSA Coach Jeff Traylor Was So Upset After Losing To Army That He Talked About Changing Careers In His Postgame Presser

Football Scoop — A year removed from a magical, scintillating season that saw his Texas-San Antonio program set on-field performance and in-the-stands attendance records, an exasperated Jeff Traylor wondered aloud about his vexing profession Friday night.

After the Roadrunners were stopped 37-29 at home against Army, Traylor said that the Black Knights whipped his team in the trenches and then a crucial sack on third-down is what left Traylor most exasperated post-game. 

"Then on third down and seven, we got frickin' sacked," Traylor said. "If it had just been fourth-and-two, I'd have gone for it. Fourth-and-four, I'd have gone for it. But we gave the sack up. 

"Frustrating, man. There's got to be an easier way to make a living somewhere else."

There's getting beat. There's getting your ass whooped. And then there's suffering a loss so crushing that you wonder why you ever chose to coach college football as a profession.

This is honestly the most relatable thing a coach has ever said. We've all been in Jeff Traylor's shoes. I can tell you the exact games throughout the years that made me swear I was done caring about sports for good.

If I was a UTSA fan, I'd actually be refreshed to see that my coach cared about the games as much as I do. That should be a given, but there are plenty of college football coaches making millions of dollars a year who aren't losing any sleep at night if their team loses in Week 3. This means something to Jeff, damn it.

But UTSA is 1-2 and travels to No. 11 Tennessee next week, so don't be surprised to see Traylor updating his LinkedIn soon.