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The Bruins' New Centennial Jerseys Are Polarizing But I Actually Don't Hate Them

They're heeeeere! The Bruins officially unveiled their Home, Away and Third jerseys for their Centennial Season (that's just a month away!!!!) tonight at a JetBlue Hangar at Logan Airport aaaaand I actually don't hate them. We've already had a slight idea of what they would look like, just based off of the new modernized throwback Spoked-B logo... andd my god... if they don't make this logo permanent then I don't know what we're even doing here. I LOVE this B. 

While I'm obsessed with the logo, I think the cream Alternate Jerseys, reserved for when the B's play other Original Six franchises (and on special 'Eras nights') are FAR AND AWAY the best of the bunch. The Away Whites should be the Home jerseys, my goodness gracious they are unbelievably clean. The only thing I'm not completely crazy about is the glittery aspect (like the Sabres and Golden Knights do on their jerseys). Don't think the Bruins needed to go that route when this logo speaks for itself. I guess it's a modern touch while celebrating 100 years but seemed pretttttty unneccesary. You probably need perfect lighting at all times for it to really pop, so I'm curious how these will look on the actual ice. 

Also, if we we're gonna get nuts I think white pants and white gloves would've rocked. I don't hate all the striping as much as the vocal minority on social media, it's more of a crime they didn't go back to Gold socks!! 

Here's Brandon Carlo and Milan Lucic rocking the home and aways. So much better in person.

Like I said, I like the new jerseys but they are a bit underwhelming. These babies below would've been an easy layup, but that's the Bruins for you. Never know what you're gonna get…


I was also pretty stunned that they didn't name a Captain. If they learned ANYTHING about the Pooh Bear Reverse Retros (that I'm pretty sure they did not have enough stock for), people were pissed they had to go back and get the C stitched on their Bergeron jerseys. I'm pretttttty sure Brad Marchand will be the next Captain of the Boston Bruins, and it would have been really cool to see him walk out to the runway unveiling it with the crowd. But maybe that's something they'll reveal during camp.

The jerseys looked much better on the players than they did in the leak on social before tonight's "Fashion Show", that's for sure… Here's a better look at the details.

Anyways, this logo is too good to just be used for just this year. In the wise words of Jersey Jerry… MAKE IT PERMANENT!!!!!

What do we think?