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It's Some Bullshit To Make Lee Corso Cry On TV, Even If This Tribute Video For Him Was Awesome

What the hell is this man? We can't be seeing Lee Corso cry on TV on a day like today. He's one of those guys you just expect to be out there, saying some shit and then put on a mascot head. But you know what? I don't want it to ever change. It's part of the Saturday morning routine for years, decades even at this point. You get used to seeing that pick when it really mattered. But you can't make the guy cry, even if this was an awesome video: 

Should have just shown this on loop though

We all know Corso is on his way out, but you can't make him cry in week 3. Wait a little bit. Wait until it's official that he's leaving or whatever. Can't be doing a tribute video when he's sitting right there and it's number 400. I know 400 is a big number, but come on. Wait until 500, wait until the end. Not week 3 right now.

 It's sort of like Dickie V at this point. We may not love him calling our games or being featured as much anymore, but they are still college sports. You see college football, you picture Lee Corso in some capacity. I stand by it, awesome video, bullshit to make that man cry on TV.