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The Highlight Of Friday Night May Have Been This Walk Off Touchdown From A High School Game Played In NYC

What a play! What a catch! What a win! Let's dive into the play because there's a lot going on. 

The first thing obviously is the fact that it occurred on an untimed down with all zeroes on the clock, which if you are new to the game of football means there was a defensive penalty and games can't end on a defensive penalty. I'm going to go with my old Bronze Medal, Silver Medal and Gold Medal gimmick here for this one in terms of who wins the video. 

Bronze Medal: The Quarterback 

A modern day Fran Tarkenton. A true schoolyard play. Avoid the contact. Keep scrambling til they get you. Never give up on the play. All of it. This kid deserves a ton of credit for being quick on his feet, as well as the throw. A 10/10 on difficulty to wedge it in the corner like that. Great throw, great play. 

Silver Medal: The Wide Receiver 

I mean the kid knew EXACTLY where he was on the field and got the feet down. How important is it to get your feet inbounds? Just ask our fearless leader Dave Portnoy. Not everyone can do it. Shoutout this kid for dragging the feet and getting the 6 ... well done. 

Gold Medal: The Little Kid Celebrating 

Having played in this exact league and knowing just how difficult it is for some schools to get fields and times and permit in NYC for HS Games, and all the odd times they are played … the night games mean that much more. When you got the schedule and saw a PM start it might as well have been at Bryant-Denny or Foxboro. Sure felt like it. 

I also know that being a little kid and attending high school games, or being in high school and noticing it behind you, there was always something going on behind the endzone. The little kids who went there to watch their older brother or the younger teams going together to watch the older kids and learn about the game … never really could make it through a full game just sitting and watching. They wanted to run around and play themselves. In fact it was so common that a school recently added a full small field for these kids because they knew they would want to play on it during the real game. 

So when I watched this all the way through and saw this little kid coming running up to celebrate the TD and get super excited I was brought back to all those times being a little kid running around on the small field and then finally getting to the big field and seeing all those little kids look at you like you were in the NFL.

It's very reminiscent of this scene to me. 

This little kid steals the show with that celebration because if I had to guess he watched 1-5 plays the whole game, but he knew to make sure one of them was the big moment and the celebration was electric. Great moment.