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Peter Gammons Says Shohei Ohtani May Consider Boston Because Of His Relationship With......The CEO Of New Balance?

Who would have thought this was a thing? Peter Gammons says that he spoke with an N.L. Executive who mentioned that soon to be free agent monster, Shohei Ohtani, could be interested in joining the Boston Red Sox partially in part to his relationship with a special someone. And that special someone is.....New Balance CEO Jim Davis? Huhhhhhhhh? Not a girl, not some super model who lives in Boston, not an actress who he is dating who lives there.....the CEO of New Balance? What the hell is that Ohtani?

He signed a 4-year deal with New Balance earlier this year I believe and I guess it's because he really likes their CEO. What a weird nugget for Gammons to include! Are they like secretly best friends? Why throw that in there? Do we not know that growing up Ohtani was a massive New Balance fan? And he never addressed it again, he just went on to say Yoshida stinks in the field. I'd love to know more about this Ohtani - Davis relationship and why Shohei would want to go to Boston because of him. Davis does live in Newton, Massachusetts, I guess Ohtani just really enjoys him. The New Balance headquarters is there, but is that enough to want to go there?

I just have to know why this was the driving point of Peter's tweet. Like why? They don't even have a GM right now and Ohtani is like "The guy I know who makes shoes lives there.", what a wild reason that would be to land him. Maybe Phil Knight needs to step up for the Mariners or Kevin Plank with the Orioles. I guess we're on New Balance watch all off-season. Can't wait to track Jim Davis' private jet to see where it's flying to.