Steven Chea Claimed To Run A 4.40 40 Yard Dash, So I Decided To Prove Him Wrong & Emasculate Him

ICYMI, Steven Chea once ran a 4.40 40 at Jets training camp: 

Yes, it may have been a wonky stop watch. In fact, I'd compare Steven's 4.40 40 tale akin to some asshole gym class hero showing off about how he threw 91 on some carnival ass radar gun at a minor league baseball game. 

Anyways, because I felt like putting Steven in his place I challenged him to a football off. He ran a bunch of routes, Chief threw him the ball, and I tried to defend against completed passes. I really just wanted to emasculate him. 

Just let it be known that I took it easy on Steven Chea because he said he had diarrhea all morning and wasn't wearing cleats. I hope everyone thoroughly 

Have a great weekend you animals