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BYU Players Not Knowing Where Arkansas Is On A Map Is Truly Unbelievable

We didn't come here to play school! Mormon education is different. We should flip the script and see if the Arkansas players know where BYU or Utah is. I'm not sure they would but that's maybe more indicative of the fact that these boys are from a fake state. Deion and Colorado would beat the brakes off of BYU and then hit the post game interview talking about how "personal" it was because they didn't know where Colorado was.

Also, what a skewer job by the BYU football social admin. No chance I'm giving them interviews later on if you're a BYU football player and now the whole Internet has seen your preschool education level. Self own like you read about. I know how much you all love JackMac tweets, but this was funny:

Anyway, TikTok is partially to blame because it's rotting everyone's brains. Soon they won't even be able to tell you how many states there are or tell you all the primary colors. Society is finished.