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Aaron Rodgers is Not Ruling Out a Return to The Jets This Season

Don't worry Jets fans, you still have a chance. Aaron Rodgers might not be done yet this season. He said it himself to the strong orange ESPN employee wearing a tank top. All the Jets have to do is hover a couple games above .500 until say.. Week 17? Maybe stay alive until the first or second round of the playoffs. Then BOOM it's Aaron Rodgers time. Luckily you have Zach Wilson to get you to that point.

Would you even want that as a Jets fan? Assuming Rodgers is fully planning to come back next season, would you want him to roll out there on a weak Achilles to play at 50% of his capability for a long-shot playoff run? Ok that's a stupid question, yes you probably would. If he's willing to do it you'd probably roll him out there in a wheelchair over Zach Wilson. It's just impossible for me to believe that he'd be able to recover to a point of being effective in a situation like that. I feel like anybody trying to return from a torn Achilles that soon is just going to fuck it up even worse, then the remainder of your career is really over. Just play it safe, take your time, recover over next off season, then run it back in 2024. Do the whole out charge out of the tunnel with an American flag thing again and see if it works out better next time. 

I did some research (Googling). Recovering from an Achilles tear can take up to a year. Doctors give a range of 6-12 months depending on the injury. However, Rams running back Cam Akers was able to play just 5 and a half months after suffering an Achilles tear. Unfortunately for Rodgers, this year's Super Bowl is less than 5 months away. But to be fair, Cam Akers was playing running back, which is obviously much more demanding on your Achilles. Terrell Suggs managed to return from the same injury in 5 and a half months as well. And that was at linebacker.

So maybe you can get a stationary Rodgers standing still in the pocket at the end of the season? It'd probably be the Jets best option.

Essentially, if Aaron Rodgers is going to return to play this season he's going to have to shatter all the records. Seems like a long shot. Almost makes you think Jets fans would be better off if he didn't say that, as to not get their hopes up. But Rodgers is a weird dude. He probably thinks there's a world where he could come back. Idk what kind of crazy black magic eastern medicine witch doctor he has access to. Maybe there's some type of spell that can be cast on his leg to heal him up in 3-4 months. There ya go Jets fans. Maybe black magic will get him back on the field. Can't rule anything out. Season's not over yet.