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You Think Travis Kelce Is Worried About Taylor Swift Rumors Or Injury Reports?

I know Dante and Jerry aren't the biggest Travis Kelce fans, but hey, he's fucking awesome. I'm not talking about from a guy standpoint or anything like that, strictly a player. Dude is fucking good. You can hate him, but he's awesome. Now, I don't know what else to title this because this is just an immediate way to hate the dude more if you lean that way. He knows the camera is on him, has to do the dramatics, all that stuff. He learned from the best though: 

Apparently this is/was a TikTok thing, but I still give it to Lo'eau Labonta. Now I also know what happened last week. The Chiefs looked like shit, blew the game against the Lions to the point people wanted to make it an asterisk because there was no Kelce: 

Kelce is also in the middle of the hottest dating rumor in the world right now: 

Here's what I'll say. Travis Kelce has to play after this week. Not for the sake of the Chiefs. But you can't be rumored to be around Taylor Swift, have all this shit go on and then not play. You can't make your brother answer questions after a Thursday night game and not play. You suck it up, tell the Chiefs doctor to close the door like Bud Kilmer and you go get 100 yards. That or let all of us make fun of Kadarius Toney more. Win-win in my book.