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New Gameplay Footage Has Been Released For Insomniac's "Spider-Man 2" And It Looks Even Better Than The First

Several months ago, we got a trailer released for Sony's "Spider-Man 2." Now, this is not to be confused with "Spider-Man 2" from 2004, which was a game based on the film of the same name. It's also not to be confused with "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," which was a game based on the movie that was a reboot of the original Sam Raimi trilogy. It's also not to be confused with "Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro," the sequel to the original PlayStation game from 2000. Okay, now, but that's cleared up. Let's talk about this fucking awesome game.

I loved, and I mean fucking LOVED the first Spider-Man game on the PS4. Not only was it everything I wanted out of a Spider-Man game, it was everything I wanted out of a Spider-Man story. It was adventurous, action-packed, and emotional, and it resonated with me. It was the ultimate Spider-Man story. I even like the pseudo-sequel that they did called "Spider-Man: Miles Morales." As much as I enjoy the "Spider-Verse" films, I prefer the arc they give Miles Morales in these games. The people in charge have their finger on the pulse regarding what makes a great Spider-Man story. I've been waiting for a sequel, and everything I've seen has me so excited.

The one thing about this game that had me a little bit trepedatious is that I am so sick and tired of Venom. Venom has the potential to be an excellent character, though I don't think it's as cool as some people make them out to be, but those goddamn Tom Hardy movies are nails on the chalkboard of my soul. I hate them with an undying passion, and after "Venom: Let There Be Carnage," the idea of never seeing this character in any capacity again seemed like an enticing idea. But it looks like they will do it right in this game. It appears they're taking things in a slightly different direction, and I appreciate that.

Even though I enjoy so many of the live-action versions that we've gotten of Spider-Man, I feel like we've only scraped the service in terms of his rogues gallery of villains. We've never gotten a Lizard done properly, and we have yet to get a solid interpretation of Kraven the Hunter. Hopefully, this game changes that.

If there's any minor complaint that I have, I wish they would stop fucking with the character designs for Peter and MJ. A major controversy arose when the PS5 upgrade gave Peter Parker a facelift. Now, he just looks weird. But dude, I don't play these games so I can play as Peter Parker. I want to play Spider-Man, and we'll get a lot of that. I like to think of myself as an adult, except when playing Spider-Man games. When I have the controller in my hands, I am actually Spider-Man, and you cannot convince me I'm not.