Colin Cowherd Told On Himself Again On Air By Claiming "All He Listens To Is AC/DC" And His Favorite Song Of Theirs Is "Rock You Like A Hurricane"

This is just sad to see. Colin Cowherd professed his deep "affection" for AC/DC, only to follow it up with Scorpions' "Rock You Like a Hurricane" as one of his cherished tunes by the iconic hard rock band.

With utmost enthusiasm, The Herd host declared, "My playlist? It's all Van Halen and AC/DC. AC/DC's 'Back in Black,' 'Rock You Like a Hurricane,' absolutely."

With a single song mentioned and a mix-up involving Scorpions' biggest hit, Cowherd was unshakable in his claim of being a devoted AC/DC aficionado.

Curious, cohost Jason McIntyre probed, "You were a big AC/DC guy?"

Without a moment's hesitation, Cowherd replied, "Oh, I adored them."

Cowherd humorously attributed his love for AC/DC to his upbringing on the "tough streets," despite hailing from rural Washington.

His little cohost dared question him to which Cowherd responded  with a defiant jeer, "Who doesn't groove to AC/DC?"

Aside from being extremely disrespectful to The Scorpions, (the band who was actually responsible for "Rock You Like A Hurricane"), I'm willing to bet my life Cowherd couldn't name 5 ACDC songs if his life depended on it.

Such a poser.

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Cowherd used to be pretty entertaining and enjoyable. Somewhere along the line the last few years he's become one of those guys who always thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. And he has to always let everybody else know it. 

What's crazy is his production team let's his know-it-all takes that are factually incorrect out to the public. Shit like the time he named Dwayne Haskins as a QB who can't win a Super Bowl. (Which was actually factually correct, I guess, considering Haskins passed away.)

But he parlayed Haskins by naming these gems as well -


Or the time he advocated for an MLB giving up the farm in draft capital to acquire Ohtani… only to find out that's not even allowed in Major League Baseball.

Or the time he claimed Michael Jordan is a product of Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson…

Or the time he said Luka Doncic is all hype…


The time he said the Jets hit the jackpot by drafting Sam Darnold and tweeted this hall-of-fame take.

the list goes on and on and on. Here's some of his greatest hits mixtapes

p.s. - what a jam