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Marshawn Lynch Learned How To Milk A Cow With The Amish And It Is An Incredible Watch

Marshawn Lynch is so right in this video. How the fuck do the Amish have wireless lights if they are known for not using any modern technology? I think they are cutting corner too. I thought no lights whatsoever was the rules because I have visited Amish country and that's what this man told me on his horse and buggy. I am pretty sure he also told me he got in an Uber once but that isn't allowed. 

Marshawn figuring out how to milk a cow is also hilarious because I would ask the same questions. How the fuck are you supposed to get 5 gallons out of a cow and pull all four nipples with one person? How did anyone even figure out how to get milk out of a cow? Do they pee out of them as well or is it straight milk 24/7? Marshawn didn't just learn how to milk a cow but he got the full Amish tour, which was incredible.

Starting off the video with asking who is the OG in this town and saying how can you pay 15K for this horse and buggy and you get no music was hilarious. Also showing the Amish people the Weird Al video is why he's the best. He can't understand a lot of what they do but he is also respectful for the way they live. Marshawn really is asking all the questions that you would know, just like when I went to Mississippi. 

I thought I was in a different world because Brandon Walker showed me where he hung out and it was just on an abandoned school bus. It was actually kinda cool, even though he gets his chicken from a gas station, which is something I've never seen. But I guess people around the country do things their own way, just as Marshawn showed us.