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Deion Sanders Gave All Of His Players A Pair Of Sunglasses And Colorado State Is So Fucked

The fact this line is still at 23.5 is unbelievable. I don't usually give out gambling advice, but I have placed three separate wagers on Colorado tomorrow and I think I have to add a fourth after seeing this. The Buffs may beat Colorado State by 60.

I've run through seemingly every scenario of why CSU coach Jay Norvell would make the comments he did and I genuinely can't find one that makes sense. You're coaching an overmatched team going on the road to play an opponent that's the hottest thing in sports right now and you intentionally poke the bear and give them a reason to want to blow your doors off. Best of luck.

I'm so glad this game is basically in its own window at 10 p.m. ET, because I want to sit back and watch this ass-whoopin' with no other distractions. It's going to be glorious.

I just hope Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter let the Colorado State players know at some point during the game that it's not their fault. But they obviously have to suffer the on-field consequences for what their coach did, so take it up with him when the Buffs still have their starters out there in the fourth quarter with a 42-point lead.

Shouldn't have made it personal.