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Zach Bryan and Noah Kahan Appear To Be Working On Some Sort Of Collaboration

Fellas, grab your denim and your flannels because Sad Boi Fall is about to be INCREDIBLE. I don't know what these two are cooking up, but I love that they're cooking it up together. Zach Bryan said Noah Kahan was the hardest working man in music. I am hardly a music expert, but I know vibes and their vibes mesh. One isn't totally country, one isn't totally folk. They both meet in the middle and the sounds work. Not the first time they've sang together

Noah obviously a fan

Just a mutual appreciation society with these two

I would love to have my own sad (cow)boy musical festival someday in Chicago. These two guys headline with Sam Barber and Hans Williams on the undercard. 


Just a Mid-October music fest at Ravinia with haybails, apple picking, cider donuts, and great music that blurs the lines between my two favorite genres.