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Lincoln Riley Said Multiple People Tried To Break Into His House After He Announced He Was Going To USC, But Is He Lying?

College football fans are built differently, aren’t they? In a recent interview with Graham Bensinger, Lincoln Riley described the difficulty that came with leaving Oklahoma and going to USC. He obviously did a tremendous job in Oklahoma, taking them to the playoffs multiple times and coming away with multiple Heisman Trophy winners, but the fans were none too pleased when they found out that he took the bag and went to USC. Riley told Bensinger that multiple people tried to break into his house after the news broke that he was leaving Oklahoma.

I'll talk later in the blog about whether or not I think the story is true, but it definitely could be. I know that sounds like a bizarre thing to say, but college football fandom truly is stranger than fiction. When you look at the number of stories that have come out about college football fans doing crazy shit on a week-to-week basis, the idea of potentially breaking into a former coach's house is about par for the course.

I've never understood being critical of somebody for taking a greater opportunity. It's one thing to be upset. Riley is one of the best coaches in college football, but even if it's not financially based, if you feel like the situation is best for you, make a move. I remember being in high school and not understanding why so many people hated LeBron for choosing to go from Cleveland to Miami to play with a better supporting cast. Clearly, other people felt differently about that, andmany people feel differently about the Lincoln Riley situation. 

These claims have been disputed:

Do I think someone actually tried to break into Riley's home? I mean, I think some people probably wanted to. Brett McMurphy's tweet said that two calls were made from Riley's home. That makes me think they were probably some lowlifes staking the place out, and it caught Riley's family off guard. 

It's so insane that that is even a thing. Even knowing where a college football coach lives is psycho-behavior, but it is what it is. I'm also curious as to what the motive is here. Did they think that they were going to convince the guy to stay? This is the worst part of fandom. It makes for an interesting story, no doubt. But it also makes me question humanity.