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Nick Saban Had A Hilarious Rant With Regular Caller 'PeeWee' On His Weekly Radio Show

You know, Nick Saban seems like a rather fun guy when he's accepted the fact that Alabama is no longer the preeminent program in college football and is on the verge of retirement — though he's still pretending he's going to coach until the day he dies. He's even having fun during his obligatory call-in show this season.

PeeWee Roberts is a regular caller during Saban's weekly radio show who's not afraid to ask the real questions, so following the loss to Texas, Coach just decided to go ahead and answer all of them on the front end and save everyone some time. That's leadership and accountability.

Maybe the key to unlocking the lighter side of Saban this whole time was having Alabama be mid. He knows the Crimson Tide isn't a national championship-caliber team this year, so he's just enjoying the ride. There's no reason to be a hard ass screaming at kids all day when you're destined for the Citrus Bowl.

Saban may be handling things well right now, but I'm not sure how PeeWee and the rest of the Bama faithful are going to react after the second and third losses this year.