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It's Not A Proper Eagles Tailgate Unless At Least One Set Of Brothers Get Into A Fight Resulting In A Choke Out

Eagles season is back, which means that tensions are dangerously high all throughout the Delaware Valley. You can feel those tensions build all throughout the week, and they reach a boiling point on game day. Especially when we've got a home game in South Philadelphia. 

And when you're heading to the game, you've got about a hundred different emotions flowing through you all at once. You're excited, you're nervous, you're happy, you're ready to rip somebody's head off. And most importantly--you're drunk. You are absolutely obliterated. Probably started drinking the moment you woke up and you haven't been able to see straight for hours. 

So when you're that fucked up and you have that many different emotions running through at you once, obviously things are going to get a little out of hand. Now you may love your brother to death. You'd do anything in the world for the guy. But he can also be a little dickhead sometimes. And when you're all sitting around the cornhole boards trying to talk yourself into the Birds winning by 7.5 and he keeps talking that shit like "Idk man, it feels like Jalen is regressing this year and can't hit an open receiver for shit", well you were already on edge to begin with and now you can't contain yourself anymore. You love your brother, but sometimes you have to choke his ass out. That's what being an Eagles fan is all about. That's what true Brotherly Love looks like If anybody else tried to choke out your brother, you'd be the first one to go to jail for the rest of the night after beating their face into a bloody mess. But if it's your own brother, sometimes he just needs to get choked out for his own good. 

At the end of the day, it's just nice to be back with the tailgate boys again.