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Dumb As Hell: Netflix Won't Be Granted Full Access For 'Full Swing' To This Year's Ryder Cup, Missing Easily The Best Part For Season 2

Well what the fuck is the point of doing a season long documentary if you can't have the Ryder Cup? I talked about it before but Full Swing season 1 was flat out awesome. You don't even have to be a diehard golf guy to enjoy it or anything like that. It was just good. But now you have one of the more anticipated Ryder Cups in some time when you look at team selections, the fact that Europe has this new blood and a lot of the older guys are out, the LIV shit still going on and we're not going to show it. 

Hell I'd watch an entire documentary on just the Ryder Cup. Speaking of which, how do we not have one about the 1991 Ryder Cup at Kiawah yet? Anyways, I just don't get why we're not doing the Ryder Cup here? It's a huge part of golf, it's a huge part of the season as you have guys still talking about not getting selected. You had drama on each side with Adrian Meronk not getting picked for Europe and Justin Thomas getting picked for USA. Show that shit! 

Honestly, I know there's some fatigue with sports documentaries, but you can't get fatigue after 1 season. We already know they are showing the merger: 

Give me a mini part on this, give me a mini part of the Ryder Cup and then the regular documentary in the summer. We're all craving for sports content at that time of the year anyways.