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Legendary Eagles Fan Who Showed Up At 4:30 In The Morning To Tailgate Predicts Game Perfectly, Might Be From The Future

Gregg from Mayfair. Gregg with two g's. This guy right here, let me tell ya. This man woke up at 3 in the morning, loaded up the truck with tomato pies and 75 beers, made it down to the parking lots to start tailgating at 4:30 in the morning, knew he had 16 hours of boozing ahead of him, and still called that Eagles vs Vikings game to a tee. 

D'Andre Swift went off in his homecoming game back in Philly with a touchdown and 175 rushing yards. The Eagles inexplicably defense took their foot off of Kirk Cousins' throat there towards the end of the game and let the Vikings score a few easy touchdowns to make it a 6-point game. And fucking Gregg didn't even have to watch a single second of the game if he didn't want to, because this sick son of a gun already had the script at 4:30am. 

But Gregg is a die hard Birds fan. Obviously he was going to make it through the full 16 hours of tailgating, and obviously he was going to make it through the full game. This ain't his first rodeo. This is what this man does. He crushes tomato pie, he deletes ice cold beers, and he caps off another big Eagles victory with some honey whiskey like the hero he is. 

What a legend.