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AJ Brown Just Always Wants The Ball, And So Be It If He Gets A Little Pissed About Not Getting It

You already know this is going to be a moment that the national media tries to blow way wayyyyy out of proportion. 

AJ Brown is one of the best receivers in all of football. He was going up against a guy in Justin Jefferson who is also considered one of the best in football. You don't get to be an AJ Brown or a Justin Jefferson or a DeVonta Smith unless you have an insatiable thirst for the ball in your hands. You don't become one of those guys if you don't constantly want every single play in the game to come down to you. 

But the Eagles didn't have a TON of success throwing the ball outside of a few deep balls to DeVonta in 1-on-1 coverage. But that's about it. The offensive line bullied the shit out of the Vikings all night, and the running game built up a nice comfy lead for the Eagles to coast on. So they were going to keep running the shit out of the ball, and AJ Brown is going to keep wishing they were throwing to him every play. Obviously those two things can't happen at the same time, and AJ Brown is a little pissed about it. 

That's what you want out of one of your WR1's. You want that guy to want the ball. Obviously it would be an issue if this is something that carries on throughout the next few weeks and becomes a theme. But one night in the heat of the moment during the game? That's nothing. Especially when you have a leader like Jalen Hurts there to make sure he's reeling his guy in. DeVonta is there just sipping on his water because he knows at some point this season, it's going to be AJ Brown getting all the targets and big plays. But there's nothing to see here besides a competitive player who just wants the ball in his hands. 

And it all would have gone away if Rashaad Penny didn't get called for a hold on this touchdown. 

Or if the refs could do their job out there and call this PI on the very next play. 

They tried to get him the ball, and it just wasn't there last night. Nothing more, nothing less. Anybody who makes a big deal out of this is just a drama mongering dickhead. 

Jalen and DeVonta have already put it to rest.