Braves Manager Brian Snitker Just Got A Little Too Ahead Of Himself Telling Ronald Acuna He's Going To Play In The World Series

The Atlanta Braves have been one of the most consistent franchises in all of sports. They have DOMINATED  the NL East. 18 of the last 30 titles have been won by The Braves. Year in, year out ...they win. It hasn't always translated to World Series wins as the Braves have just 2 in that time frame, but baseball is a long season where a TON of things can go wrong, and yet somehow the Braves have been able to avoid all the bad bounces and bad breaks to win enough games every year to hang a banner. A true Gold Standard in baseball. 

Last night they won their 6th straight division. They did it in Philly, where The Phillies made the idiotic decision to put up a Congratulations message on their scoreboard. 

But that's besides the point. 

While celebrating, the Braves manager told Ronald Acuna he was "gonna get to play in the World Series this time." Which has gotta either be loved by Braves fans or terrify them. On one hand, it's great to have the confidence to believe you will make The World Series and the way they have been running through the NL, they probably will. On the other hand, you don't ever "touch the money" aka jinx it, before things become official. The baseball Gods are real and you should never ever mess with them. 

Also what an absolute SHOT at the Phillies who by the way beat The Braves in the playoffs last year, and not to mention the Dodgers who are LOADED and very much can spoil The Braves party. Very wild move by Snitker to make a comment like this literally 7 seconds after the final out. He was a victim of the hot mic, but you know he meant it which again is both super confident, and super dumb. Fortunately for us ... we won't get to know which one it is for another month or two as we get to watch the playoffs unfold. 

Mark this one down ... I know the internet will.