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#HealthyDebate: One Of Our Social Guys Eats Popcorn Like A Child

On tonight's episode of #HealthyDebate we had to address one of our social guys, Jake Malasek, eating popcorn like a little child. Listen I did this growing up, everyone does. You are lying if you didn't. We're kids we did stupid shit. The same way we shook up the package of air heads, tried to eat the stuffed crust pizza backwards in the commercial and countless other nonsense. We were morons. 

Then eventually we grow up. You learn to be a big boy. Well apparently for little boy Malasek, he never got the memo and still eats like a child. I had to do a little #healthydebate with him and set him straight. Another win for The Ryders. I can smell 3-0 on this show! 

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