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VIDEO: Jonathan Majors Appeared Out Of Nowhere To Break Up A Fight Between Two High School Girls

Pardon my skepticism, but the timing of all this is very interesting. These two high school girls are going AT it before all of a sudden Kang comes out of nowhere to break up the fight while everyone else just watches and this person seemingly recording everything from multiple angles on their phone AND laptop?!?

I'm not saying this is a set up but it is very interesting that all of a sudden Jonathan Majors is out here breaking up fights after being charged for assault and harassment. He pleaded not guilty and his lawyer showed a video of the woman seemingly 'unharmed' eight minutes after he allegedly assaulted her before being seen at a nightclub later that night. Majors next court hearing is Friday and he faces up to a year in jail if convicted. 

Again, I'd love to believe that Jonathan Majors saw these two people fighting, dropped everything he was doing, and played the hero in real life. But I also have to admit that the whole thing seems very sketchy to myself and pretty much everyone on the internet that commented on this video. I'm not sure what that says about Majors' public image or the world we live in, but it sure seems like his PR team is working overtime now, even if it's still not as hard as that person recording on their phone AND laptop. That's true dedication to the content game and someone TMZ should sign to a spot on the big league roster to capture Majors' next "heroic" video.