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Healthy Debate: Could Dan Marino Throw for 6,000 Yards In Today's NFL? He Says He Can

It's me. Your premier Dolphins blogger here at Barstool Sports. Tell me why I sorta believe this man? I love the idea that we can just say outrageous statements and can just finish it with "The best part is I'm retired and I don't have to prove it" I bet I could win over Dua Lipa if we were in the same room together. The best part is I'm retired and I don't have to prove it. Yep I like this.

I saw a comment that Marino throwing for 5000 yards in 1984 is one of the more underrated seasons an athlete has ever had and I agree. Doesn't really mean a thing without a ring, but he's one of the great stat stuffers of our time. We need to run the PMT interview back now that he became a fan of Barstool because of Frank The Tank:

I still think Aaron Donald coming around the corner would say otherwise, much like the "Michael Jordan could average 50" crowd forgets how good athletes are these days. Old heads just assume that they would be miles ahead of current athletes because the rules have changed. That's the only counter part to this entire argument. Unfortunately we'll never know because the best part is he's retired and doesn't have to prove it. At least we got that phrase from all of this.