Gary Vee Joined The Pat Bev Podcast (with Rone) And Dropped One Of The Most Insane Sports Takes You'll Ever Hear

Now this right here is yet another example of why you should be subscribing to The Pat Bev Show with Rone. Where else can you get clips of a take so bizarre it makes your head explode? Of course, as with everything in life, context is important. It's hard to get the full gist of a conversation from only a viral clip, so I suggest you watch the entire episode with Gary Vee

After watching and re-listening a few times, I think what Gary Vee is suggesting has more to do with bandwagon fans. He was talking about how he's clowned for being a Knicks/Jets fan by people who seemed to team-hop. That's what led him down that Nuggets take path (which he later sort of walked back despite seconds earlier he believed that shit to the death). To me, it was classic Gary Vee trolling. He did go on to say he also never wears Jordans because he's a Knicks fan, and that's a stance I can support. Jordan killed his team so he can't bring himself to rock his shoes. Nothing wrong with that.

I'll be honest though, the Jokic/Nuggets part did sort of break my brain. I think most people will agree, bandwagon fans are lame. Having no sort of rooting interest for a team and then suddenly becoming a big fan just because they won a title is lame as hell. Part of fandom is going through the pain. It's what makes the victories so sweet. If you weren't riding for a team at their worst, you don't deserve them at their best in my opinion. 

But this idea that you can't root for a team unless you live in that city and that if you do rock a jersey you're just masking up your own insecurities is where Gary Vee loses me. I'm just not sure I follow the logic. So a Knicks fan living in NYC who rocks a Jalen Brunson jersey isn't insecure, but a Knicks fan who lives in Ohio is? How is one person using someone else's success as a bandaid for their own security just because they don't live in NYC but someone who does isn't doing that? The only Nuggets fans that are allowed to rock a Jokic jersey are the ones that live in Denver? Are international fans or fans who live in cities with no NBA team just out of luck? 

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It's all a little confusing. Honestly, it sounds more like a bit of someone trying to do a Gary Vee impression or something.

I dunno, maybe someone just likes a player and that team has an awesome jersey. I imagine there are some people out there who aren't huge Nuggets fans in terms of them being that person's favorite team, but maybe they like Jokic and think the Nuggets throwback is fire so they buy it. I don't think that's really all that weird and I certainly wouldn't think that person is insecure. It's not really that serious. 

So let's embrace debate. Does being a sports fan and rooting for a team that plays in a city you may not live in make you insecure? I say absolutely not, but then again I'm a nobody and Gary Vee is rich as hell so maybe I'm looking at this all wrong.