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The Philadelphia Eagles Own The Minnesota Vikings In All Aspects Of Life

Record wise the Eagles and Vikings 15-15 all-time, s/o to Fran Tarkenton winning most of those games generations before the Internet was even a thing. Not too shabby. However, if you count only the games passed the Reagan Administration starting in 1989/modern reality, the Eagles are 11-5 vs the Vikings, including a perfect 3-0 in the playoffs. Basically, if the Eagles aren't forced to play on a random Tuesday night because of a blizzard vs. Joe Goddamn Webb or drafting Jalen Reagor directly before Justin Jefferson in one of the most amazing inept misses in NFL draft/sports hist WE DON'T TALK ABOUT THAT ANYMORE ADAM GET IT TOGETHER MAN IT'S FUCKING GAMENIGHT it's a Birds feast over Minnesota. The list of domination is a sweet run down memory lane. 

Remember last year when Justin Jefferson did a decent job covering Darias Slay and only held him to 2 INT's? Yeah. That was cute. JJ should focus on hauling in more than 6 catches for 48 yards on 12 targets tonight or else ho hum history will repeat herself....

What about the time a bunch of Minnesota faithful descended on Philly to take over the Rocky Statue for the NFC Championship game? 

Good times! The Vikings for SURE won that game to advance to the Super Bowl being played in Minneapolis, right? RIGHT!?!?


Or we can go way back to the Andy Reid era where the Eagles faced off against the Vikings in the playoffs and LJ Smith did what LJ Smith did best after being drafted right before Jason Witten - Fumble to FredEx for a TD. Actually fun! 

So, yeah…good luck tonight Minny! I'm sure it's going to be a swell time. Especially since we got troops already taking their positions before dawn down at the Linc. 

-6 tonight. Birds get right because that's what Birds do. Fly.

Go Birds.