*NSYNC Reunited To Record Their First New Song In More Than 20 Years

*NSYNC's first new song in over two decades, "Better Place," was announced early Thursday, with parts of the song featured in the new Trolls Band Together trailer.

The full song will be released on Sept. 29, but fans can also hear portions of the song on TikTok.

HERE WE GO! *NSYNC reunited at the VMAs the other day to present queen Taylor Swift with her Best Pop award, and during her speech, she said "THEY'RE GONNA DO SOMETHING!" As usual, Mother was right. *NSYNC has finally confirmed after teasing for two days, that they will be putting out their first new song since 2002. "Better Place," and it will be for the new Trolls movie.

This comes at the most hilarious time, because as I said earlier, Gia and I are bringing back TAYLOR WATCH today at 2pm. We happen to get into a discussion about *NSYNC and Justin Timberlake, wondering if Trolls is the only spot he's cashing checks these days. It looks like the whole band is cashing checks now!!!

Good for them. The song sounds great from what I can hear of it, it'll be right up any *NSYNC fan's alley. It'll be released on September 29th, and I look forward to the Press Tour with the whole gang back together.